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#BYOD4L a new journey begins @melsiguk

new horizons image source cc Chrissi Nerantzi

Dear friends,

The facilitated part of BYOD4L has now come to an end. Please remember learning doesn’t stop here!

Taking forward BYOD4L

It was lovely to share this journey with you all during this week. We have loads to celebrate and reflect on. We have been truly impressed with how you have engaged and learned with and from each other. Please don’t see this as the end of it all. We just started getting to know each other and we would love to stay in touch and explore further opportunities for collaboration and development The site itself and all collaborative spaces will remain open. Feel free to use these in any way you find useful and appropriate. The only tiny little thing we ask, is to respect the creative commons licencing agreement, which is displayed on the site. Perhaps you could use a local version of BYOD4L and let students lead? Perhaps you could use BYOD4L with your own students? Would it be useful to include in an institutional Academic Development offer? As we all have said many times this week, learning happens everywhere. Please see the BYOD4L site as part of the package or the box. For us BYOD4L has been a magical open box. Without its people, the box, might be open but there won’t be any magic. See how you can bring people together around BYOD4L so that the box becomes magical again. There are further ideas about how you could adapt BYOD4L but we are sure you will have your own ideas also. It would be fantastic to find out how you will continue using BYOD4L.

BYOD4L Open Badges

During the week, we have seen many of you capturing your learning in portfolios and we are looking forward to receive some of your work to be peer reviewed for a badge or two. Think about it. Anybody is welcome to use BYOD4L and claim badges (thank you David Hopkings for making this possible!!!) even if you didn’t participate in the facilitated iteration. You might have been studying on your own or as part of another facilitated group. This should not stop you from claiming a MELSIG BYOD4L badge if you have completed the work. For more information regarding badges and how to claim, please have a look at our Badges pages.

MELSIG Book Project

As mentioned this week, MELSIG has put a call out for contributions to our new book project. Would you consider submitting a case study, a thought piece or something else. Have a look at the MELSIG book project page for further information. Support is also available. All you need to do is reach out and let us know, ok?


The BYOD4L MELSIG team will start working on the evaluation of this experiment and start dissemination findings in a variety of ways. Please complete the final survey if that is ok with you as this will provide useful information about  your experience. Our main focus is on the richness and the quality of the experience. So if you are willing to be interviewed as well, that would be great. We have also been collecting quantitative data thanks to Colin Gray and his learning analytics expertise.

Thanks to our contributors

The BYOD4L facilitators have also been reflecting on their experience as facilitators and we plan to analyse to gain a deeper insight into the collective experience and find ways to enhance practice. We are also fortunate as all BYOD4L activities were peer observed so to speak, for the whole duration of the week. All activities were completely transparent and open (something that doesn’t happen in face-to-face settings!!!) and we will receive a peer review from our critical friend Lars Uhlin. We would also like to thank Ellie Livermore our artist for the BYOD4L design and for making this available under a creative commons licence, Dr Cristina Costa who reviewed BYOD4L before the start and Prof. Norman Jackson who showed interest in our experiment and gave us the opportunity to think about our conceptual framework. 

Take care and keep in touch our lovely BYOD4L friends.

Chrissi, Sue, Kathrine, Alex, Panos, Neil, Andrew, David, Ola, Chris and Dee