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#BYOD4L Topic 2: Communicating

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Dear BYOD4L friends,

Wow! Day 1 is now (almost) over and we are getting ready for Day 2. It is so so lovely to see so many of you engaging already, sharing experiences via Twitter and the other social spaces. One of our small groups is full and we have started working on some recipes brought to us by Whitney. We will be sharing more about this soon along with other collaborative mini projects emerging. If you would like to learn within a small group during the week, consider joining our second group at There are still some places there and Kay and Mike are both lovely and experienced facilitators, so you will be in good hands.

We have seen some of you have set-up a portfolio or have started using it for BYOD4L to reflect on your   experience. This is so wonderful and we really hope that this journey will lead to new and exciting discoveries. Have a look for example at Deb Baff’s BYOD4L post and find out more about learning butterflies. Consider sharing your posts via Twitter using #BYOD4L and/or in the different community spaces where you are so that people can find it easily and comment.

Monday’s tweetchat was led by Sue Beckingham and our first student facilitator Dalian Terry. Thank you to all of you who participated. It was a great success and brought many different voices together. It enabled us to make some new connections and strengthen some of the existing ones. For many it was the first time on Twitter or participating in a Tweetchat. Loads of sharing happened and we felt part of the extended BYOD4L family. We hope this reflects your experience too and you will be back for more. It might be useful to ‘warn’ your followers that you are participating in a tweetchat if you intend to come back for more.

The Monday tweets have been captured as a storify HERE.

If you have just discovered BYOD4L and are wondering what this is all about, here is a quick reminder. BYOD4L or Bring Your Own Device For Learning is an open bite-size learning event offered over five days to help us use the smart devices we have for learning, teaching and/or personal/professional development. Each day we will focus on a different topic. You can also choose to move between the topics at a time convenient to you. For each topic you should go to the topic page.

Today’s topic is COMMUNICATING – Here you will find two scenarios to reflect upon and three suggested activities to complete. Feel free to add further scenarios and suggest other activities too.

The power of communication, something to think about in the context of this topic image source: cc Chrissi Nerantzi,


Go to the Tools page to learn about the tools we recommend you engage with to reflect upon the activities you complete. Add your suggestions in the comments section.

Do include the course hashtag #BYOD4L  in all Tweets, Blog posts and Instagram photos you create.

Remember that your reflections will become richer when you share them and engage in a conversation around them. Comment on what others say and invite others to comment on your reflections too.

Join Sam‘s first live and on air hangout from 13:00 – 14:00 UK time on the subject of communicating > This is too good to be missed! Find out more about this and the next hangout at 

And in the evening (at least in the UK) there will be a TweetChat between 8-9pm GMT. Search for #BYOD4Lchat on Twitter and you will be with us. Tweetchats are a great opportunity to connect synchronously with colleagues from around the world and extent our learning networks.

We look forward learning together.

The BYOD4L team @BYOD4L

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BYOD4Learning by Chrissi Nerantzi & Sue Beckingham is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


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