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The BYOD4L journey continues…

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Dear friends,

Thank you so much for joining us this week. It was so exciting to learn with and from you. We are truly  impressed with how you opened-up, engaged and shared practices but also played and experimented with new ideas in a variety of social media spaces but also in many physical locations!!! It was fascinating to experience together how a community emerged! It was also wonderful to see that colleagues and students who had joined us before, in Jan 14 or July 14, returned.

You can read the final storify of the CREATING tweetchat HERE. Thank you for joining in the madness today and embracing playful and creative learning with Whitney and Chrissi!

If you were capturing your learning in a portfolio, feel free to add the link to our padlet if you haven’t done this already. Please remember that you could claim one or more of the BYOD4L badges. All work is peer reviewed. Have a look on our #byod4l badges page and get in touch if you have any questions, ok?

The journey continues, where will it take us? image source:

We will hopefully be able to evaluate a number of aspects of this BYOD4L iteration and refine our approach for next time. We don’t know yet when the next iteration might be… perhaps in July! We will be looking again at identifying institutional participation, so if you are interested, let us know.

If you participated during the week, visibly or invisibly in BYOD4L, please consider completing our short final survey > This will help us a lot to evaluate this initiative and make hopefully improvements to any future iteration. Let us also know if you would also be available to participate in a focus group via Google hangout. Our ethical commitment is stated on the site. See

A massive thank you to all our collaborators and participants. None of this would have been possible without you. We hope this journey has been of value for you and triggered new ideas, thinking and is leading to actions too. Just thinking about things is not enough! It is the doing that can make a real difference!

All resources and community spaces will remain open and available to all so feel free to continue explorating. Thanks again for joining us on this journey.

Enjoy the rest of the academic year and stay in touch, ok? 

Chrissi and Sue

@chrissinerantzi and @suebecks


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