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#BYOD4L Topic 4: Collaboration | @BYOD4L

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Dear friends

So we are midway through the #BYOD4L week. What have we done? Last night we brought two heavyweight tweetchats into the ring together to slug it out in the name of sharing widely our valuable, collective knowledge about CURATING. In the red corner was #BYOD4L and in the blue was new kid on the block #LTHEchat.  Together they accumulated over 600 tweets in a speedy hour. Thankfully we have access to a  Storify to look over and reflect on the many valuable ideas that were shared. Not only that, we introduced a new challenge during the day: Curate a Mini Resource.  Congratulations to @becksell2001 who came up with this excellent Storify. Well done to Sue and Neil for steering the conversation down many new and exciting paths.

Only 2 days left now? This is hard to believe… we have been so busy all of us and have lost track of time, which can be a good thing as we are probably immersed in the process of learning. It is also amazing how some of the connections are getting stronger and there are discussions about collaborations. This actually fits perfectly with our next topic.

If you just arrived here, please note, this is the Bring Your Own Device For Learning! This open bite-size learning event which is offered this week. This is Day 4. Each day we will focus on a different topic. You can also choose to move between the topics at a time convenient to you. For each topic you should go to the topic page.

Today’s topic is COLLABORATING – Here you will find two scenarios to reflect upon and three suggested activities to complete. As this topic is about collaboration, we hope that you will use this opportunity and collaborate with others on a mini project. Feel free to add further scenarios and suggest other activities too.


Go to the Tools page to learn about the tools we recommend you engage with to reflect upon the activities you complete. Add your suggestions in the comments section.

Do include the course hashtag #BYOD4L  in all Tweets, Blog posts and Instagram photos you create.

Join our TweetChat between 8-9pm GMT by searching for #BYOD4Lchat on Twitter.

We look forward learning together.

The BYOD4L team


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