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the team (Jan 2014)

Chrissi Nerantzi @chrissinerantzi
BYOD4Learning course designer and facilitator (English, German, Greek)

Sue Beckingham @suebecks
BYOD4Learning course designer and facilitator (English, Scottish)

Andrew Middleton @andrewmid
BYOD4Learning facilitator, Badges Reviewer Lead (English)

Neil Withnell @neilwithnell
BYOD4Learning facilitator (English)

David Hopkins @hopkinsdavid
BYOD4Learning facilitator, Badges Lead (English)

Kathrine Jensen @kshjensen
BYOD4Learning facilitator (English, Danish, some German and Spanish)

Ola Aiyegbayo @olaojo15
BYOD4Learning facilitator (English)

Alex Spiers @alexgspiers
BYOD4Learning facilitator (English and Scottish)

Chris Rowell @chrisrowell
BYOD4Learning facilitator (English)

Panos Vlachopoulos @panosmq

BYOD4Learning facilitator (English and Greek)

Further collaborators

Ellie Livermore @ellielivermore
BYOD4Learning artistic input and video production (English)

David Walker @drdjwalker
BYOD4Learning external peer reviewer for badges (English, Scottish)

Colin Gray @elearningcolin
BYOD4Learning Learning Analytics Lead (English)




  1. […] From 27th to 31st January this will be actively moderated and supported by a great team of people.  I may well be tempted to join […]

  2. Majumder says:

    How can I join?

  3. […] are not alone. All our lovely and extremely generous volunteer facilitators are with us. I am truly amazed how we have worked together so well from the very beginning. Even […]

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