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Share your BYOD4L research with us!
It would be lovely to find out if you are carrying out research or any other scholarly activities related to BYOD4L. Please share your projects, presentations, publications below as a comment so that we can access and share further.


The 5C Framework is being used by SEDA to promote engagement with social media (May 2015). See

The BYOD4L case study has been included in the new Jisc guide Enhancing the student digital experience: a strategic approach launched at the Jisc Digital Festival in 2015.

Helen Beetham (2015): case study about BYOD4L included in the JISC Digital Student project. Here is what Helen said: “We feel it adds an important new dimension to the original study and recommendations, as it allows institutions to see in practical terms how they can enhance the digital experience of students.”

Anne Hole (2014) Connect, share and learn with mobile devices 12-16 January #BYOD4L at

Prof. Norman Jackson (2015) Imagining Personal Development Planning in the Digital Age, where Norman mentioned how he has used the 5C Framework, see

publications completed and planned by members of the organisers’ & facilitators’ teams

Nerantzi, C. (accepted) Designing-in social learning: A potpourri from open professional development practices and how Aristotle, Socrates and Plato can help,  for an edited by Whitney Kilgore (more information to follow)

Many BYOD4L facilitators have written their reflections as facilitators during BYOD4L  for a publication of open facilitator stories writers include, Nerantzi, C, Beckingham, S. Middleton, A., Withnell, N., Jensen, K. Rowell, C. Hopkins, D.) The publication is : Yeager, C. & Nerantzi, C. (eds.) (2015): Open facilitators’ stories, Annual Collection 2014, Learning and Teaching in Action Journal, Volume 11, Issue 1, MMU in collaboration with the Open Knowledge Foundation.

Nerantzi, C. & Beckingham, S. (2015) Scaling-up open CPD for teachers in higher education using a snowballing approach , in: Rennie, F. (ed.) The distributed university, JPAAP Special Issue, Volume 3, Issue 1, pp. 109-121, available at

Nerantzi, C. (2015) Who says academics don’t do CPD? Connecting practitioners and developing together through distributed cross-institutional collaborative CPD in the open, in: Rennie, F. (ed.) The distributed university, JPAAP Special Issue, Volume 3, Issue 1, pp.98-108, available at

Nerantzi, C. and Beckingham, S. (2015) BYOD4L: Learning to use own smart devices for learning and teaching through the 5C framework, in Middleton, A. (ed.) (2015): Smart learning: teaching and learning with smartphones and tablets in post-compulsory education, pp. 108-126, Sheffield: MELSIG publication, available here

Nerantzi, C. & Beckingham, S. (2014) BYOD4L – Bring Your own Devices for Learning, ALT Newsletter. 8 August 2014, available at

Nerantzi, C., Middleton, A. & Beckingham, S. (2014) Facilitators as co-learners in a collaborative open course for teachers and students in Higher Education, in: Learning in cyberphysical worlds, eLearning paper, issue No. 39, pp. 1-10, available at

Reed, P. & Nerantzi, C. (2014) Tweet-chats: the new ‘condensed’ synchronous discussion forum?, in: Lifewide Magazine, Special Edition around social media, Lifewide Education, pp. 13-16.

Nerantzi, C. and Beckingham, S. (2014) BYOD4L – Our Magical Open Box to Enhance Individuals’ Learning Ecologies, in:  Jackson, N. & Willis, J. (eds.) Lifewide Learning and Education in Universities and Colleges E-Book, available at – invited chapter


8-10 Sep 2015 “The power of open cross-institutional collaboration for connected professional development in higher education” with Sue Beckingham, Dr Diogo Casanova, Dr Kay Hack, Sheila MacNeill,  ALT-C Conference, Manchester

12-13 May 2015 “Bring Your Own Device for Learning (BYOD4L)” Chrissi Nerantzi and Sue Beckingham, LINQ 2015 Conference in Brussels, Belgium

13-14 Nov 2014 “Use of Tweet Chats for distributed CPD within an open Community of Practice poster presentation with Sue Beckingham, Peter Reed and Chrissi Nerantzi, Opportunities and challenges for academic development in a post-digital age 19th Annual SEDA Conference, Nottingham initial thoughts by Peter Reed

13-14 Nov 2014 “Open cross-institutional academic CPD, expectations and value: a recent example” a workshop with Sue Beckingham, Opportunities and challenges for academic development in a post-digital age 19th Annual SEDA Conference, Nottingham

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