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January 2015

“I have had so much fun and learnt so much and made loads of new friends” Deb Baff, tweet

“Sailed the seven Cs (and more) with a great crew (another c), fantastic journey and excited about the potential destinations”, Julie Gillin, participant, tweet

“Thanks everyone – really enjoyed the week and the virtual company” & “I now feel part of the BYOD4L community” Ian Wilson, participant, tweets

“This has been a brilliant event to participate in and enjoyed every second. Massive personal learning experience for me and some really wonderful new contacts/friends into the bargain! BYOD4L also stimulated some really cool experiences on campus here in Durham too, focusing attention on leaning and teaching in a really positive way. Huge thank you to everyone – can’t wait to do this again” Prof. Mike Nicholson, Durham University, BYOD4L facilitator

“Thanks Chrissi & Sue & everyone for all of your enthusiasm, inspiration and sheer wonderfulness.” Dr Sam Illingworth, Manchester Metrpolitan University, BYOD4L facilitator

“What a wonderful open learning experience. I’d like to thank @chrissinerantzi and @suebecks for putting this together for us!” & “It was a joy to collaborate with all of you!” Whitney Kilgore, Texas Educhat, BYOD4L facilitator

“Thank you Chrissi and Sue for great organisation and everyone for a fantastic week.” Neil Withnell, University of Salford, BYOD4L facilitator


July 2014

“As a student, it was a wonderful experience 4 me and I learnt so much from “A 5 hrs Lecture with so many Lecturers!” Thx” Mani M, participant, tweet

“Thanks @suebecks @chrissinerantzi and all dear friends in BYOD4L for spending time to be here for each other. I enjoyed a lot #BYOD4Lchat” Mani M, participant, tweet

“Huge thank you to our team of facilitators #BYOD4Lchat Agreed, they are excellent!” Amanda Sykes, participant, tweet

“I don’t think anyone wants to say goodbye! Can we just say…until the next time” Julie Gillin, BYOD4L facilitator, tweet

“Thank you all for a truly memorable learning experience. Every minute has been worthwhile :)” Dr Magda Bober, BYOD4L participant, also organised MMU local BYOD4L gathering, tweet

“Thanks everyone for such a great week on FB and beyond. Sad that it’s over for now, but thank goodness for reflection!  — feeling proud.” Dr Sam Illingworth, BYOD4L facilitator, comment from FB community

“It has been a great experience facilitating on BYOD4L with you all this week” Anne Hole, BYOD4L facilitator, comment from FB facilitator community

“I’m feeling empty without #BYOD4L to look forward to. What’s next?” David Hopkins, BYOD4L facilitator, tweet

“Whilst at times this week has felt like quite a lot of work, it has all been worthwhile, and has left me feeling exhilarated and also very proud of what I can accomplish when I set my mind to it. ” Dr Sam Illingworth, full post here.

“#byod4lchat …E-5Cs by @anortcliffe…

#byod4lchat …Epistemological connecting community…
#byod4lchat …Electronically crafting communication chats…
#byod4lchat …Establishing collective curation of copy and castings…
#byod4lchat …Elevating conjugative constructive collaborations…
#byod4lchat …Exemplified creative compositions concert…
Thank you for a lovely week learning together.”

Dr Anne Nortcliffe


January 2014

The BYOD4L team was shortlisted for the ALT Team Award in 2014

Professor Norman Jackson

Hi Chrissi

Thanks for all your support and feedback. The thing you have done very well is to encourage and support individuals like me through the process. That is the essence of being a good facilitator and you and Sue have done this very well. Taking the trouble to read and comment on my blog is much appreciated it turns personal thoughts into a conversation and reveals how we feel which makes the whole experience more memorable and worthwhile because it shows that others care.

As regards the films. It’s not that I didn’t like them. They were excellently produced and I’m sure would resonate with many people working in HE but not so much with my or my son’s contexts. You and Sue provided a bunch of resources and some of them helped me and others were not so helpful and in any educational design that will always be…

Thanks for caring
Norman Jackson

Visit Norman’s blog:


Dr Laurence Eagle, #BYOD4L learner

Looking back across the week there are a number of points I’d like to  commend the organisers on:

1) The organisation of this course has been top notch in that you managed to get together a group of teaching and learning professionals who were willing to subscribe wholeheartedly to your ethos of the course.

2) there was no pressure for accreditation of participation in course although you did offer it with the badges scheme. This meant that I felt safe to dip in and out of the course at will. Paradoxically I think that made me interact with the course more than I perhaps would have.

3) The Twitter chats were a real revelation in that i felt like a valued voice amongst professionals and each night I learnt at least one thing that I never would’ve thought of before.

4) being introduced to a variety of different tools which I will be trying out and pursuing in the future e.g. YouTube upload, Storify, Flipboard, tagging in Evernote, blogging, and many more once I have looked through the resources list provided for each day’s topic.

5) being introduced to the melsiguk group.

6) The fact that the course is not been taken down and can be repurposed for other uses.

7) The people I have met online on this course and will probably be continuing to interact with well after this course has finished!

Well I think that’s enough for now, I will however continue to blog as I now know it to be a good way of organising my thoughts, yet another thing I’ve learnt from this course!

Thank you all.


Visit Laurence’s blog at:


David Hopkins, #BYOD4L facilitator

By Prof. Norman Jackson, #BYOD4L learner

extracts from Norman’s final post:

Throughout the week I tried to reflect on my own attitudes and practices in the contexts of my own circumstances and I will continue to do so over the next few weeks and try out some more of the tools. The idea of structuring the experience around five key concepts really helped focus attention on key aspects of living, working and playing in the digital world and for me these were powerful reflective prompts which also triggered my creative juices. The magical box that was the course did indeed promote and enable all these things which are all fundamental to learning, development and achievement – communicate, connect, collaborate, create and curate. In addition it encouraged participants to commit and enabled them to contribute and learn in the process of co-creating some of the content. Thanks to all who designed and facilitated the process and experience. It was an interesting and enlightening experience.

Visit Norman’s BYOD4L blog here


What followed for Chris Rowell, Regent’s University London, after BYOD4L


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