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the team (Jan 2015)

2015 Collaborators 

Please note, there will be 2 facilitators from each participating institution. In addition to the facilitators we welcome others who would like to support participants during the week to identify themselves as mentors. Their engagement will be more sporadic. If you would like to be a BYOD4L mentor, please feel free to add your details as a comment to this page so that participants can find you.  We will then be able to add you to the Facebook group for facilitators and mentors. Consider also adding BYOD4L mentor to your social media profile on Twitter/Facebook/Google + or elsewhere. As a mentor you will be able to work towards our brand new BYOD4L: mentor badge.

If you have any questions regarding this, please get in touch. Thank you.

Massive thank you to all our facilitators, mentors, peer reviewers, our very own artist, but also all institutions and other groups and networks who are supporting BYOD4L in a variety of ways. We wouldn’t be able to offer BYOD4L without their valuable help, belief in this project and creative input and ongoing support.

The BYOD4L team


Course designers and organisors

Chrissi Nerantzi (languages: Greek, German, English) @chrissinerantzi and Sue Beckingham (languages: English) @suebecks

Chrissi’s portfolio is available at 



Manchester Metropolitan University

Dr Sam Illingworth (languages: ) @samillingworth


Sheffield Hallam University

Dalian Terry (languages: ) @Dal_T

Andrew Middleton (languages: ) @andrewmid


Durham University

Prof. Mike Nicholson (languages: ) @travellersdog

Dr Carolyn Wilson, (languages: ) @


Glasgow Caledonian University

Sheila MacNeill  @sheilmcn
Jim Emery  @gcujime
Linda Creanor  @lcreanor


University of Sussex

Nick Botfield @DurchTechNick

Suzanne Tatham @suzannetatham and Anthony Groves



University of Ulster

Dr Kay Hack @hack_kay


Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine

Alex Spiers @alexgspiers

Will Moindrot @WMoindrot


University of Salford

Neil Withnell (academic) @neilwithnell

Fiza Akram (student) @FizaIkram


Kingston University London

Dr Diogo Casanova, @diogocasanova

Dr Dejan Ljubojevic, @paraliter


Texas Educator Chat @txeduchat

Whitney Kilgore @whitneykilgore
Tom Kilgore @Tom_Kilgore
Robin Bartoletti @robinwb



Prof. Keith Smyth, UHI, @smythkrs
Anne Hole, University of Sussex, @AnneHole
Peter Reed, University of Liverpool, @reedyreedles
Dr Dejan Ljubojevic, Kingston University, @paraliter
Janet Gordon, London Metropolitan University, @jmgordon
Anthony Groves, University of Sussex, @



Ellie Livermore, MMU, @ellielivermore



  1. I would be happy to be a mentor in January … I’m @cpjobling on Twitter and +ChrisJobling on Google+. I tend not to use Facebook much, certainly not for work related stuff.

  2. This is wonderful Chris. Welcome on board. You will also be able to work towards the BYOD4L mentor badge. Thank you for offering to support colleagues. Very much appreciated.

  3. Hi Chris, Happy new Year. Please share the email we can use to add you to the facilitation group in Facebook. Thank you.

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