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the team (July 2014)

MMU Chrissi Nerantzi, course designer, facilitator @chrissinerantzi

SHU Sue Beckingham, course designer, facilitator @suebecks  Blog:

SHU Andrew Middleton, facilitator @andrewmid

SHU Julie Gillin, facilitator @juliegillin

SHU David Eddy, facilitator @sonofedd

MMU Dr Sam Illingworth, facilitator @samillingworth

Cheryl Dunleavy, facilitator @cheryl4TeL

Sussex Anne Hole, facilitator @annehole

Sussex Sully Burr, facilitator @burrblog

Sussex Nick Botfield @durchtechnick

Sussex Dr David Walker, badges reviewer @drdjwalker

Ulster Kay Hack @hack_kay

London Met Janet Maria Gordon @jmgordon

London Met Jim Pettiward @jimpettiward


From other institutions

David Hopkins @hopkinsdavid

Neil Withnell @neilwithnell

Peter Reedles @reedyreedles


Ellie Livermore, artist @ellielivermore


Participating institutions July 2014



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  1. […] University. The team consisted of 20 volunteer collaborators in total (see all of them at and many local events were organised during the week to complement online BYOD4L activities that […]

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