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If you completed one or more course topics or the whole course, you would be able gain open #BYOD4L badges. There is also a facilitator badge.

Here you will find some information about open badges and how they are used. Please check out the rest of the badges pages if you are interested in claiming a badge or two or more 😉 for your #BYOD4L work.

What are Open Badges?

During this course we will be trialing a new way to issue ‘certification’ of your learning – by using Mozilla ‘Open Badges’.

Open Badges are a new way to recognise skills and achievements, where the badge enables the individual who has earned it to display real-world achievement and skills which can be used and demonstrated outside of a closed learning environment. The badge itself is aligned to the learning outcome of an activity or set of activities, skill acquisition or demonstration, and is not limited to a pass / fail grade mentality. Badges can be used as evidence of successful engagement in personal or professional development.

Using the Mozilla standards for Open Badges learners can use their badges to showcase their achievements from a variety of sources and learning, whether they were formal or informal

YouTube: Digital Badges & Mozilla’s Open Badge Backpack



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