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Anne Hole @AnneHole is leading this collaboration.

You will need to create a Flipboard account to contribute to the BYOD4L Flipboard Magazine






Anyone can  read the magazine and anyone taking part in BYOD4L is welcome to join in contributing content. When you click on the link to become a collaborator, if you are a new Flipboard user you will be prompted to open an account using your Facebook login or email and install the app. All this is free and there are apps for iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows, Blackberry, Kindle Fire and Nook. There are also Web bookmarklets which make adding content really easy.

When you find a web page, blog post, tweet or other online item that you think is relevant to BYOD4L you can click the share icon on your mobile device or use the browser bookmarklet to ‘flip it’ into the magazine.

There are lots of interesting ways that Flipboard might be used in teaching and learning and you can read more about all the features of the platform on the Flipboard website


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