BYOD4L collaborative poem July 2014

(Sam’s idea!!! acknowledging where ideas come from is very important!!!)


Dear friends,

The poem you will find below (see link to Google doc) has been created collaboratively by individuals linked to the BYOD4L event. The idea came from Sam as a response to one of Chrissi’s (Nerantzi) tweets during last nights tweetchat where she mentioned “The Digital Jungle”. This led Sam (Illingworth) to suggest that this phrase would make a good start to a poem. And here we are. Less than 24th later, a team of distributed collaborators a poem has been created and its creators have decided to release this (with some encouragement) under a very generous creative commons licence.

We acknowledge the origin of the idea and share here how it grew into a poem. Through this process of collaborative making, we learnt what collaboration is, how we can work together to achieve a common goal but also about how we can release our work under a creative commons licence, which ones are available and which one would be more appropriate in our case. We decided this together.

The draft is now ready and we invite you all to participate in the open review in the true spirit of open education and practice. Please add your comment and name if you would like to help us with this task.

Thank you in advance. All reviewers’ names will be added below.


The BYOD4Lpoets


The link to the draft poem has been added below, if you would like to comment/review, please click here. Thank you 😉


In the digital jungle


Reaching out into the chaotic, swirling abyss

Feeling that e-learning can be so hit and miss

I want to avoid device apathy and neglect

But what does it mean to really connect?


So onwards we go

But where, do we know?

Wouldn’t it be great?

If we all started to communicate


Curating a task, can be quite unfamiliar,

belonging in museums, art galleries and similar.

With mobile devices we curate a different way

Sharing resources with scoop it and Mendeley


Five brief days, so short and sweet

In Twitter and Google we gathered to meet

Inspired to explore, discuss and create

Minds now expanded; an enlightened state

Knowledge isn’t just facts

Or historical acts

Its cerebral energy we state

When we start to create


But this isn’t the end!

We now each have a valuable PLN to tend

Our #BYOD4L community will continue to grow

Help us reach out to let others know




1 Sam Illingworth
2 Neil Withnell
3 Ian Guest
4 Peter Reed
5 Carol Haigh
6 Sue Beckingham


The Digital Jungle by BYOD4Learning is licensed under aCreative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


Collaborative creativity: A second group created The Limerick. Please click here to access this. Feel free to comment too.


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