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Looking for a study buddy or would like to join a study group? NB This is an historical board – but feel free to use it in 2017

Click here to leave a message on the Board

Learning with others is motivating and rewarding! 

If you have created a group space somewhere on the web or offline/locally, please add a short description and the direct link as a comment on this page. Also, if you are looking for a study buddy or to join a group, you can aso leave a comment there.

Invite others to join and remember to let us know if you are looking for a facilitator. We are here to help.

Consider also studying with friends, colleagues and facilitators locally (there are some ideas here).  Check if your institution participates in BYOD4L and is organising a local event.


Portfolios  NB if you are using this year, please add a date to your porfolio

If you are using a portfolio to capture your learning, please add the link to the BYOD4L portfolio padlet

Remember learning happens everywhere.  This offer might be online but it doesn’t mean that it has to stay online. Be resourceful. You will come up with a recipe that works for you.



  1. Linda says:

    I would be interested in joining a group. Linda UWS

  2. Are you on Twitter Linda or would you consider joining the BYOD4L Facebook group at

  3. There is also a Google + group Linda, see

    Let us know if you need anything else, ok?

  4. […] reached out, I heard her voice on our learning together page and waned to learn within a group. This was such a powerful message when it popped up on my screen. […]

  5. Geneviève says:

    Hello BYOD3L designers and facilitators! A few colleagues and I are interested in taking the January 2015 course but we do not want to form a self-organized group as we thought we would learn more in a mixed group. We are considering joining a facilitated group… Can you please let me know how to join? THanks!

  6. Hello and thank you for your interest and getting in touch. The facilitated groups can be accessed via the main Google + community space which is available at > We have set-up one at the moment and at least one more will be created before we start on the 12th. We hope you and your colleagues will be able to join us. Thanks again, Chrissi and Sue

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