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3: curating (& copyright)

There is a lot of information out there and this is an opportunity to explore the different ways you can use your smart devices and applications to filter, store, organise and manage information effectively so that you can maximise retrieval for learning and development when needed.


You will find 2 scenarios below. Pick at least one of them to work with on this topic. Feel free to add further scenarios linked to this topic to this page as a comment and select the one that fits best with what you would like to explore. Identify if there are others you could work with on this. Remember that you could use the FISh model.


“Wow! I just accessed our VLE and there are loads and loads of resources there. Not sure where to look first. The lecturer also included links to external sources and after clicking on some of the links, I have to say that a lot of it is relevant for my project for this module. Then of course, I have also googled a few keywords I thought might lead to some interesting resources and I was right. The problem is, I now feel overwhelmed and am not sure how I can keep track of all useful resources for my project. I guess, I could copy them into a Word document? But what if I want to use them from my tablet and the laptop that I have? Not sure what would be best.”


“I have difficulty persuading some of my students to access and use the online resources I share with them. It is a shame that students seem to see these as additional tasks, for which they don’t have time. They seem to be very strategic in their approach and only focus on the assessment.”

An additional student scenario outlining expectations on how lecturers will support him in finding  and evaluating information, and using it to develop understanding.

byod4lchatintended learning outcomes (ilo)
By the end of this topic and if you fully engaged in all 3 activities, you will have had the opportunity to…
1. reflect on your current learning and/or teaching practice linked to using smart devices to curate sources and the value of this activity for inclusive learning and teaching

2. discuss at least one of the scenarios and identify how this/these links/link to your own practice

3. explore opportunities to curate content using a mobile app to support learning/teaching in and outside the classroom

Use the resources provided to deepen your understanding linked to this topic. Share resources you have found useful with the BYOD4L community.

So much out there? How can we focus? What do we collect and why? Some things to think about in the context of this topic image source cc Chrissi Nerantzi

Pick ‘n’ mix activities
Definitely do at least 2 of the following activities! If you are learning within a group consider engaging in one of the below as a collaborative activity. Remember to share on Twitter using #byod4l

1. Reflection: Share with others how you currently filter out useful sources. Share your reflections with others via Twitter.

2. Making: Create a response to one of the scenarios on your own or with others based on the discoveries you made through investigating this. Capture your findings a format you have not used yet as part of this course. (ilo-2)

3.Development: Identity an app that could help you curate content. Ask for advice if needed. Download the app and share a list with others using Twitter.  Explain how you intend to use it. (ilo-3)


Tools and Apps on Edshelf for: Curating

Also check the Tools tab for suggestions and remember the Resources and suggested readings too!

Use Comments to share your own suggestions with us.

Do Tweet about what you have learnt – Be sure to include the course hashtag #BYOD4L



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  4. Kay Hack says:

    I use scoop-it to collate Bioethics stories from the mainstream media to share with my students. I would like to use a curation ap that allows the whole group to contribute stories, not sure if this is the best approach,or get them to create their own individual site.

  5. An additional scenario is available at contributed by Kay Hack

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